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Truck Stop {Court Case 2008}
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“Animal Rights Activists taste like chicken.”

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Finds 11.11.09

20091111-finds-0101.jpgBESH PRACTICES
While ubiquitous TV personality Emeril Lagasse may be the most recognizable New Orleans chef, John Besh has taken up the mantle of New Orleans’ most acclaimed culinary ambassador. The owner of Restaurant August, Luke, Besh Steak and La Provence, Besh has set the bar for the current crop of up-and-coming young chefs in the Big Easy. His new cook book, My New Orleans: The Cookbook, was five years in the making and shows Besh’s sense of place and his eye for perfection. Always a proponent of making the most of fresh, local ingredients, Besh takes you through the culinary seasons, paying homage to Louisiana classics like jambalaya, shrimp Creole, oyster gratin, and beef daube glacee with a healthy flair for new ingredients and techniques. Beautifully illustrated with photos by Ditte Isager, My New Orleans contains 200 recipes, weighs 5 pounds and retails for $45. — Nathan Stubbs

Readers of The Independent Weekly may recall our Feb. 4 cover story on the controversy surrounding the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete. That’s where owner Mike Sandlin keeps his “pet,” Tony, a 600-pound, 9-year-old Bengal-Siberian tiger in a cage about the size of the back end of an 18-wheeler. Always the proud scorn of animal rights activists, Sandlin recently introduced a new souvenir T-shirt. The Hanes cotton T costs $10 and features a large picture of Tony licking his chops above the slogan, “Animal Rights Activists taste like chicken.” Available only at the Tiger Truck Stop. — NS

Fans of the strong, beefy flavor of cow tongue have a new local delicacy to experience. Head across the south side border to La Pagua, the new Mexican restaurant behind Baskin Robbins at 4807 Johnston St., for a taste of la lengua taco. All La Pagua’s tacos come in the authentic style: a heaping mound of meat (or in this case tongue), onion and cilantro atop a soft corn tortilla and served with homemade green and red chili sauce and a lime wedge. The best part: a la carte tacos at La Pagua are only $1.75 a piece. Call 988-1312 for more information. ­— NS

written by Tigress62 , November 13, 2009
Re: Eye of The Tiger

Sandlin continues to profit off the exploitation and abuse of Tony, and for the past 9 years, Tony suffers in despicable conditions at the truck stop. How about an investigation as to why it is taking so long for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to make a decision regarding the state license? I am hoping, as are many others all over the world, that the LDW&F do the “right thing” and the humane thing, and refuse Sandlin the permit and Tony be sent to an accredited big cat sanctuary where he will be cared for properly , both mentally and physically.
written by dragonsgemcat , November 13, 2009
It is a shame that the USDA appears to be the perfect department to work for, no-one does anything! Sandlin is, at the moment, getting away with abusing Tony and making money on his misery.
written by DH , November 13, 2009
Re: Eye of the Tiger

Doesn't this t-shirt's message make it quite obvious that Sandlin could give a HOOT about animals' rights to the kind of life they SHOULD be allowed to live? He's the LAST kind of person who should be a 'caregiver' to Tony, or any of the other large cats he's owned & exploited for profit in the past. While Fish & Wildlife mince around the true issue AND their own mandates and continue to delay their overdue decision, maybe Tony should be given the chance to find out if Sandlin tastes like chicken, too.
written by Jean Auris , November 13, 2009
It is dispicable that this Sandlin gets away with such abuse and laughs in our faces as he goes to the bank. What is the matter with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. I would be ashamed if I was working for them. I wrote to the Humane Society but it seems no one wants to right this wrong.
written by Regina1959 , November 13, 2009
T-shirts that say these words, would make me want to ge that tiger out into a sanctuary. Who is their right mind would want a tee-shirt that says that? It actually shows the owner of that tiger to be stupid to think people would buy these shirts or thinks the public would pay for these shirts. If anything, he should be giving them away, but it would still be in bad taste (no pun intended). That animal should be in a place where he can roam and get exercise. SHAME on the owner whoever he is!!!
written by catherine turley , November 13, 2009
oh those horrible animal rights activists... spending their time and money, facing ridicule... all to help an animal they have no vested interest in.
written by Animal Lover , November 14, 2009
That repulsive, disgusting, morbidly obese, inbred, redneck is pathetic and a stupid excuse for a human being! May he rot in hell!
written by Judy Smart , November 14, 2009
Has anyone personally gone along to this pit stop to talk to Mr Sandlin. It is a pity I live in Enland or I would show up and bring my petition and petitioners with me. Sometimes it works!
written by james platt , November 15, 2009
i have been told that sandlin becomes violently defensive about his tiger when asked about it. he and his spouse and employees also call police on anyone they think is an animal activist on the property. showing up there with petition in hand-not recommended!
written by Virginia Howard - Massachusetts! , November 15, 2009
sandlin is LITERALLY getting away with murder and now he's publicly laughing about it. And not for free either! Idiots have to PAY for his ignorant, printed thoughts! And they will!

That useless waste of human flesh is REPULSIVE as well as an ANIMAL ABUSER!

WEAR THAT sandlin!
written by Sky Williamson , November 15, 2009
The USDA has warned NOT to approach Sandlin because he becomes violent when you try to talk to him about "his" tigers and how he has failed at every point with them. I think in the past many have tried to talk to him but nothing good ever came out of it : (
You can't reason with insanity!
written by Tennessee girl , November 15, 2009
How sad that Louisiana continues to be internationally known for corruption.....this time of the animal abuse kind! How the state tolerates a citizen thumbing his nose at regulations in such an arrogant way speaks volumes about the state!!
written by Sally Dix , November 16, 2009
I have written a Letter to the Editor of The Independent Weekly, asking if they would consider printing My Story-The Plight of 'Tony The Truck Stop Tiger' in their Newspaper & posting my story on this online website. Gave Details of my involvemet with the campaign-signing Petitions on various Animal Welfare Sites, News Stories I have written & commented on. Letters via email I have sent to all members of Iberville Parish Council urging them not to issue a Local Permit (which was issued anyway!). Letter I sent to Maria Davidson,Large Carnivore Manager,Louisiana Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries as she is the official that decides whether to issue Michael Sandlin a State Permit that would allow him to keep 'Tony the Tiger' in his Caged Hell Hole at the Truck Stop. Mentioned a quote stated on Examiner.com by Maria Davidson, stating that confinement was detrimental to Tigers & caused them great stress. Yet, when Maria Davidson was speaking as a Public Official on behalf of the LDWF she stated that now the Truck Stop has a Local Permit, we have begun the process for a State Application & it is Dept Policy not to comment on pending applications. This is a total contradiction to her statement on Examiner.com, where 'TONY' was her top priority. I have designed a 'FLYER' with photos of 'TONY THE TIGER' in his concrete cage, next to the photo of a 'TIGER' at BIG CAT RESCUE. I have written a short precis on the FLYER detailing the story surrounding 'TONY' including a couple of hard hitting emotionally charged sentences beneath the photo of 'TONY' describing what 'TONY' would say to us if he could talk. I HAVE SENT LETTERS TO GOVERNOR- BOBBY JINDAL & MAYOR MICHAEL CHAUFFE.
written by Julie van Niekerk , November 16, 2009
Yet again, this evil person use Tony to do his dirty work for him. Dig a little bit further into Sandler's history, you will find more skeletons in the closet. The way he is reacting towards animal activists, tells me there is something else that he is afraid might be exposed of his past.
written by Tennessee girl , November 17, 2009
I still find it amazing that this one man can singlehandedly control Iberville's Parish and LDWF. When 1000's cry out for this tiger, they go deaf. It's an amazing case study to watch about the ineffectiveness of government. I guess democracy doesn't rein in Louisiana.
written by Unnamed , November 17, 2009
Now we know that Iberville, stands for I BE RICH and VILE.
They can obviously look the other way, to fatten their wallets. Too bad Katrina didn't wash away this fat exploitive a-hole (sandlin)
SHAME ON YOU LDWF and JINDAL.....spineless!
written by NORTHSIDIAN SHOTGUN , November 17, 2009
DA government will not get up off their lazy ass ta confront anyone, or fight ovah da rights of an animal, have dey or their inbred brethen gone ta VIETNAM OR TA IRAQ, SO, ya see iffen ya want ta free TONY, DEN YA HAVE TA FREE EM!!! SANDLIN-- NEEDS AH LIL CAJUN TALKIN TA!!!!! WID DA BACK AH DA HAND!!!! ah VOLUNTEER, YEAH !!!!!!!!
written by twinkie1cat , November 21, 2009
First, there is not a violent bone in Michael Sandlin. Sky Williamson is lying as usual. He is a very sweet man gentle and kind. Michael is a very large man with a lot of body hair but a true teddy bear and a fine Christian who sings gospel music in a voice the angels would covet and is very active in his church. He is college educated and a minister. 2 weeks ago he provided the fish for a church fish fry, cooked them and even made homemade tartar sauce. It was very good.

Sky must have been scared of him because she knew she was doing wrong. If she really believed she was doing right would not be afraid. She would be trusting in God's protection instead. She will be more scared on Judgment Day when God's words will be especially harsh because she is harrassing one of God's children.

Secondly, Sky Williamson is the one who is abusive. She kept shooting off her camera flash at Tony trying to aggravate him. One of her good for nothing do badders called a staff member at Tiger Truck Stop "inbred", an insult by these outside agitators to everyone from Louisiana. When Louisianaians encounter these folks, they should pack them in their trucks and take them to the Florida line.

Tony has adequate space, people who care about him and a staff member whose job is specifically to take care of him.

The activists need to go to the swamp and let the alligators get them and vote to see if they really taste like chicken. They can start with the ones that were made homeless by the draining of Alligator Bayou. They did not raise any cain about that! The ones who are left need to go find some puppy mills to raid and get some shelter for the poor cows on highway 30 who did not have any shelter last summer.

Tony needs to be at his home with his family that he has known all his life. He is a cat. Cats abhor change more than anything. Being isolated in a reserve would not be in his best interests and would probably kill him. It would be a whole different thing if he was a wild born tiger. Cats can live in any environment that is stable and meets their needs.

Oh, by the way, Last year when there was a hurricane that shut down the power for two weeks or more, Michael kept his store open so that his neighbors could get provisions even though they did not have power. Most places were shut down.
written by twinkie1cat , November 21, 2009
For Regina 1959: The t-shirts sold out at the store and he had to order another batch. People are sick of animal rights activists. Animal welfare is wonderful and necessary and should be pursued with great diligence. Animal rights are another thing and for people who don't realize that it is our Bible proclamed job to be good stewards over them, not make them our equals. In other words, we are to treat them humanely and with love and compassion.
written by ted , November 23, 2009
The insults and personal attacks on Michael Sandlin and his tiger exhibit truly indicate the mentality of the so called 'activists'. In reality they are trying to pry Mike's tiger away from him so they can add him to a 146 cat preserve, build a hotel and sell train rides thru their animal "park"... Mike's tiger has NOT BEEN DE-CLAWED, and cannot be at this age. This means living in isolation from the mostly declawed cats wherever he goes. He is treated well at the truck stop, he knows and loves his handlers and environment, and would be very lonely and depressed were he to be "saved" by these foul mouthed pseudointellectuals and "rights" activists who do not understand the first thing about treating people or animals well. He is one of ONE cats at the truck stop, not one of 146.
written by Sky Williamson , November 24, 2009
The TRUTH is in black and white and that can't be denied. For twinkie1cat sorry but I do not fear Sandlin at all nor do I fear his partner Scott they are both cowards that feel the need to dominate a creature for their own sick pleasure. Does "God" say that is okay in the bible? I think not I will see them in hell!

Funny thing is since you think Sandlin is such a good guy then why so many violations from the USDA? Then why has he already been violated by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries since their laws came into place in 2007? GOOD GUYS take care of what they "claim" to love! We may have lost some fights but the war has just begun : )

written by Margaret Ross , November 28, 2009
Tony should be seized from his owner and retired to a big cat rescue. What he is doing is cruelty to animals, and endangered species, and should be a felony.
written by dragonsgemcat , December 21, 2009
As an animal activist I deplore the terrible conditions that Tony is kept in. In fact, Catherine Turley's comments "oh those horrible animal rights activists... spending their time and money, facing ridicule... all to help an animal they have no vested interest in." I think that she, and others of her ilk, should note that we care about suffering and intend to try and help any animal held in such cruel conditions despite not having a vested interest in it. It is known as compassion, something that she obviously knows nothing about and I am sorry for her bleak and empty life.

Twinkie1cat, as a biologist I can assure you that Tony does not have sufficient room or facilities to live any kind of a comfortable life. The fumes from the lorries and cars cause illnesses, the lack of facilities when the temperature is hot, the lack of vetinary care et al show cruelty.

I would also point out that in Genesis God gave animals into OUR CARE to look after on his behalf. They were not given to us to use and abuse. In fact, we were meant to be vegan/veggie and not eat meat at all. If you are going to quote God's wrath, it is far more likely to be pointed at Sandlin than Sky Williamson. Nor has Sky broken the law as Sandlin as done nor has she had animals removed from her care as Sandlin has.

I also note that Sandlin used the hurricane to make huge profits from his neighbours, staying open especially to provide provisions was certainly not out of the kindness of his heart but out of interest of his wallet!

For Ted, this is not a personal attack nor do I have any interest in building an hotel, my interest is purely the disgust of an individual who will object to any form of ill treatment whether human or animal and does.

written by Shannon B. , March 05, 2010
I agree that Tony should not have to live the way he does, however it is the people that need to be protected from (Sky Williamson)It may fair well for someone to look into Ms. Williamson's history and see if she is a good judge of character based on her own past. If you cannot treat people right then how can you speak of treating animals right. Someone needs to confront her regarding her own lifestyle and treatment of people.
written by Sky Williamson , June 23, 2010
Shannon B.
please feel free. People that have nothing to hide, hide nothing!
written by Shannon Platt , June 23, 2010
Shannon B *** clearly from your ignorant post you know nothing about Sky W. Maybe you should do some research yourself before voicing your “opinion” about someone you clearly do not even know. People like you just have way to much free time and really need to get a life. Maybe you can consider doing something good and productive for the voiceless as Sky W is doing.
written by Rene , December 02, 2010
Tha animal needs to be taken out of that place, who has a pet tiger? It's a profit making operation that he has for making money and cruelty to animals, this isn't the Roman days, we have grown and people should never ever purchase the horrible shirts and boycott this place, period..
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  1. So much for "Home of the Brave and Land of the Free" when a travesty like this is allowed to continue. Laws are being broken and everybody that should be enforcing them looks the other way. Louisiana is making the USA look inhumane and uncivilized. A Tiger kept for 11 years in a tiny cage as a roadside attraction at a truck stop?? Appalling.


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